Coconut Pudding Beet Jellies (paleo, AIP)
Recipe type: Paleo, Autoimmune Protocol
Cuisine: Kind of Thai-inspired
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Total time: 
These are modeled after the Ta Koh desserts I had in Thailand (awesome, coconut rice flour pudding on top of some type of tapioca/water chestnut under layer in a pandan/banana leaf). Except of course being me I had to mess around and add beets to the mix - but look how pretty! Actually these turned out way better than expected and surprisingly tasty/addictive. Just don't tell people they're made of beets and you're golden. (Or reddish-purply.)
  1. Boil beets and save 2 cup of the juice, or juice beets for the same amount. Let cool.
  2. Bloom gelatin in the juice for a few minutes. Then add salt, lemon, and starch to the juice and whisk well.
  3. Heat up over low in a saucepin, whisking/stirring until mixture has thickened slightly (if you use arrowroot this kind of creates a mirror glaze, which is cool...will have to figure out what else to do with that...)
  4. Pour into the bottom of your molds and refrigerate.
  5. Combine all of the ingredients for the haupia in a saucepan (can also bloom the gelatin in the coconut milk for a couple minutes). Heat up over low heat until everything has melted together/is well-incorporated. If you want distinct layers you can wait to do the haupia layer until the beet layer has well-solidified. If you're going for the melded/ombre-ish look of the rosebuds, you can pour the haupia mixture when it's still warm, or when the beet layer hasn't totally solidified. Don't wait too long to pour the haupia though or it'll solidify too much at room temperature.
  6. After pouring into the molds, re-refrigerate for a few hours or overnight.
  7. Pop out of the molds and enjoy for a cool snack/treat!
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