Korean Kimchi (paleo, AIP)
Recipe type: Paleo, Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)
Cuisine: Korean
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: a gallon or so of kimchi
This is my mom's homemade kimchi recipe - it is for non-spicy kimchi (she adds the red bell peppers for color - omit for those on AIP) and has lots of great flavor, in addition to probiotics once fermented. This is a large recipe (usually lasts us a couple months) and can easily be halved.
  1. Quarter the cabbages, rinse well.
  2. Sprinkle salt over each leaf of cabbage. Leave cabbage to sit with salt for 3-4 hours until wilted.
  3. While cabbages are wilting, add the other ingredients (except radish, krill, and scallion) to a food processor/blender and process to make the marinade.
  4. Grate the radish using a mandolin and chop scallions. Add to marinade, along with shrimp and 1 tb sea salt.
  5. After cabbages have wilted, rinse them with water and drain. Cover each cabbage leaf with the marinade, then rough chop them into 1-2-inch pieces.
  6. Store in a glass jar or kimchee container at room temperature for 2-3 days, then move to fridge.
Recipe by Flash Fiction Kitchen at https://www.flashfictionkitchen.com/korean-kimchi/